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Independent Brokers for International Schools Teachers & Expatriates Worldwide


Would you rather someone else paid the bill if you needed treatment or were hospitalized
As Independent Brokers for Healthcare we have the market place to choose from. There are specialist products available for schools and teachers that are discounted. It depends on the level of cover required for a person’s age at to which plan may be best suited.
For your quotation please either E Mail to or contact us through the website at
For an online quotation for a small selection of companies please click on the link below

Retirement Planning

When working abroad, pensions might not be high on our list of priorities. Many teachers believe they will only be out of the UK for a couple of years, so they can pick up their pensions when they return, without compromising the benefits too much. Whilst this may be true, many teachers stay overseas for longer than intended. If you have not done anything about your retirement/long term savings then it may be wise to consider your options.
As Financial Planners we can provide you with important information about your existing arrangements, audit the current and future benefits, as well as identify any shortfall that may exist in your future requirements
From that we would be able to recommend some options so that your financial future would be more clearly defined.
For a pension forecast please click on the link below or contact us to utilize our free advisory service

UK & International Mortgages

Many teachers are purchasing property and we can help whether in the UK or abroad. If you require a complete package please ask for what is currently available
As expatriates finding the right mortgage can be elusive. The aim of our service is to help make this as simple and trouble free as possible
Our panel of lenders and expertise in this area will be an aid to achieving your objective
Your loan prequalification enquiry will be responded to swiftly

Offshore Banking

As currency markets fluctuate offshore multicurrency accounts have become popular.
For long term international teachers the flexibility of these accounts is an important aspect of financial planning


With the market place to choose from we are able to advise according to your attitude to risk
We are happy to advise on existing investments to optimize performance
The fund management of medium to long term programms needs to be managed on an ongoing basis

Income Protection

If you had an accident or you were ill how long would the school or your employer pay you for? Offshore in most cases it is not much more than a month
You are able to insure against this loss of income in the short and also in the long term
There is a specialist product for this and we would be happy to advise on this and other options
Please ask for a quotation

Education Fee Planning

Many teachers want to save for their children to attend university as childrens education is often provided by International School up until age 18 only. University education needs to be planned for as it is becoming a more major expense for parents to find funds for especially if you are expatriate.
Plans can be tailored to the funding and educational requirements. Otherwise, will your children be able to complete their education?

Life & Critical Illness

How would your family survive financially if something happened to the person who provides the income? Life Insurance Protection for the family in the event of an early death is vital to ensure your family does not also have financial hardship to cope which would seriously change their lives.
Critical Illness pays out a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness. Every year 300,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year. One in 5 men and 1 in 6 women aged 40 will suffer a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke before the age of 65. Critical illness insurance can help with the affordability of time off and also maybe fund medical care

Home & Travel

Home – cover is available for your home and personal possessions abroad
Travel – teachers generally are travelling for 2.5 months of the year and an annual multi-trip travel insurance is very good value. The cover includes replacing lost luggage, medical care, flight delays, theft and more. Please ask for a quotation and summary of cover